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18 days down!

Well I am now 18 days into my journey and really I am feeling very grateful and blessed that it has been so easy.  I honestly feel like sometimes I had nothing done.  I don’t hurt, I can drink, have not felt nauseous or experienced any of the nasty side effects that I know some have.

Thus far everything has really been uneventful! Just the way I like it 🙂  I have moved into the pureed, mashed phase.  Been eating a lot of cottage cheese, eggs, hummus, and avocado.   Oh the famous bariatric ricotta back.  I really don’t like ricotta however, so next time I will use cottage cheese.  Have not found anything that does not go down well or sit well thus far.   I still never really feel full, but yet I am never hungry either.  Really not cooking anything yet so not much for recipes to post yet!

Down 15.9lb so far

SW 224

CW 208.6


43 Years Old, Mom to 4, Married for 20 years, ready to get this VSG Party started!

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