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I Survived!

Well Wednesday January 25th 2017 was my sleeve day!!  We were up super early to catch a 5:30 am flight.  We landed in Tijuana by 9am and were picked up by the Go Light Bariatrics driver Lawrence.   Super simple, super great.   We were taken directly to the hospital where my surgery would be performed.   From there I would say that it was a whirl wind of things taking place.  Within minutes of getting into the room, I was changed into a gown, lab came to draw my blood, IV fluids were started, Chest X-ray taken, it was fast and furious.  The nurses were all super sweet, few of them spoke good English but all could communicate well enough.  I originally thought I was having surgery at 4pm per my paperwork but later found it was going to be 2pm.  Rosa the coordinator was there to meet us and was fantastic, always willing to go with my husband to get food, brought him coffee etc.    About half hour before the surgery they have you drink some sort of medicine I don’t remember what she said it was called but clearly a calming medicine, I really do not remember much after taking that.  Although I do remember Dr Z coming in about 10 minutes before surgery I could not tell you now what he looked like, or what he said.

Surgery took about an hour my husband said and the Dr did come to tell him that all went well.  From there you are taken to observation where I am told I was for about 2 hours, and then taken back to my room.

The rooms are nice, I would not say they are as nice as American hospitals but I did not feel like they were dirty or anything like that, just very simple, old equipment etc.

The first night was rough, I aint going to lie it sucked.  You can not have anything by mouth and I was soooooo nauseous.  I was dry heaving much of the night, they continued to give me pain meds and lots of anti nausea but things did not seem to let up finally by morning things did start to look up. That next morning I was brought my first meal 🙂 and I had my leak test which I passed.  Which consisted of water, ice chips, Gatorade, and apple juice.  I did not feel hungry in the least but was thirsty so it tasted great.  I really did not feel gas pains or anything, got up took a shower and was really feeling pretty darn good.  The rest of that day I slept off and on, tried to get my fluids in and walked the halls.  The hall is small, there are only 8 rooms.  So that got old quick, it was nice to chat with some of the other patients walking as well.

By 10am on day 3 we were picked up to head to the hotel.  Part of our package included hotel, shuttles etc. We stayed at the Marriott Tijuana, it was nice, clean and I was happy to get out of the hospital.  Once we got settled we went to the lobby for lunch, which was chicken broth for me.  Then decided to go for a walk, went up to Wal-Mart and picked up a couple of items for my husband.  Lazy day overall

Day 4 really don’t even feel like I have had surgery.  I had a premier protein that Andrea the coordinator brought me yesterday and was surprised I could drink the whole thing and not feel full, went for lunch and drank all the broth again I don’t feel full.  It worries me a bit why do I not feel the fullness or restriction that all the posts I read are feeling.  Everyone is telling me since its liquid diet only many do not feel the fullness until they start on real foods.  Fingers crossed it does have me a bit on edge.

I have been bored to death and I am ready to get home, good news is I have been pinning lots of receipes to try so I will start getting some of those posted. So be prepaired  for lots of upcoming posts in my receipes!  The Dr also videod my surgery and I have several pics so I will try and get those posted as well.



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