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14 Days and Counting

It is hard to believe I am only 2 weeks away from getting my sleeve!  I really am not scared any more about it.  I am more anxious.  It seems everyone has a different outcome after surgery, some feel great, some not so hot.  I do feel like a emotional roller coaster is still going on in my head however.   I cry at every tv show, any sappy commercials etc.   Which is SO not me.   So even though I a say I am not stressed I am.

I have four kids and have not told them that I am having the surgery, they think me and dad are simply going away for the weekend.  I know some will disagree with this decision and I do as well at times.   I just want to be healthy, I want to have the energy to live a fabulous life with my kids.  I want to be more active and right now I simply can’t I hurt.  I also want to be able to set a good example for my kids, they do not have the greatest eating habits currently either.

If you have a topic you want covered or have questions ask away!


43 Years Old, Mom to 4, Married for 20 years, ready to get this VSG Party started!

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