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Eeeeek Only 17 more days!

Hey guys!  Starting this blog as way for me to keep track of all the info out there in one place for me.  As I have started this journey and done my research I have things saved all over the place.  Hoping this will make it not only easier for me but those that are on this VSG journey as well!

A little about me I am 43 a mom to 4 kiddos, married to my hubs for 20 years and so ready to get this journey started!

I have decided to do my surgery in Mexico as my insurance does not cover it, that alone had me scared in the beginning. I feel like since I have made the decision it has been a roller coaster of emotions.  From being so excited I can’t wait to thinking what on earth am I doing!  I have told only my husband (who initially came around) and my sister who told me I was not fat enough 🙂 and that can I not go somewhere more tropical than Tijuana!

At this point I just want the research to be done, the waiting to be over and my surgery day to get here.  My plan is to post my journey along the way for all of you all to follow and hopefully be a resource if you are considering VSG and any and all of my helpful tips I find along the way!

CW:  227   5ft 4′


43 Years Old, Mom to 4, Married for 20 years, ready to get this VSG Party started!

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